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The Best Next Steps When Something Goes Wrong With Your Excursion

You’ve done everything possible to protect your excursion guests. You’ve read “Tips & Tricks to Ensuring Passenger Safety,” implemented all of the necessary precautions, checked equipment, communicated with tour leaders and passengers, and feel great about your businesses systems and safety protocol. But then the worst happens, a passenger gets injured during your excursion.

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Grow Your Tour Operator Business

You researched local suppliers—the charming eateries serving authentic fare, the well-situated hotels that catered to your type of traveler, and anyone else who could add value to the guest experience.

Over time, you established strong local connections and a reputation for excellence. Your guests seem to really enjoy your tours, and you have a constant stream of positive reviews to prove it. So, what next? How can you take your tour operator business to the next level?

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Don't scare them! Warn them.

It’s no secret that accidents can and have happened during excursion activities. Some have resulted in serious injury and even death. Excursion safety is no joke, and as an excursion provider, it’s important that you warn your passengers about potential threats that may arise during their experience. However, it is equally important that you tread lightly when it comes to how you communicate this message. While you do want to inform your guests, you don’t want to scare them or mute their hunger for adventure!

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Tips & Tricks to Ensuring Passenger Safety


When cruise vacationers are on a tour, safety is often not top of mind. But as a tour operator and business owner, it’s certainly very important to think about! Our tourism insurance team has compiled some tips and tricks to help keep cruisers safe and happy on your excursion. Though every excursion and tour is different, we know that good thinking goes a long way.

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How Cyber Security Can Save Your Excursion Business

Face it, Cyber security is important!

Hacking is real and could be detrimental to your excursion business. Examples of cyber crimes include holding data hostage and extortion. Hackers will threaten to delete data, infect computer systems with viruses, take over social media accounts, or publish company / employee personal information. And today, it’s become more and more common for hackers to get into desired servers and break into networks.

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Adventurous Tours in Canada


Canada is as popular a tourism destination as ever before. In 2016, almost 20 million travelers visited the “True North”. This was a 10% increase in tourists from the previous year, and the second highest number of visitors ever! The cruise industry is no exception. Cruise related spending in Canada increased by 34% from 2012 to 2016. Cruise lines including Norwegian, Princess, Holland America and Royal Caribbean are sending more ships to Canada each year. The cruise industry alone contributed $3.2 billion to Canada’s economy last year.


Canada’s hundreds of ports of call received over two million passengers in 2016, and that number is increasing. Many reasons could be attributed to the popularity of Canadian cruises, but some of the biggest factors have to be its pristine natural beauty and cosmopolitan cities, both of which provide for some breathtaking excursions. Combining cruising with excursions is a great way to explore Canada in all of its splendor. The excursion possibilities are plentiful. Whale watching, viewing fall foliage, hiking, biking, tall ship sailing and deep sea fishing are just some of the options. With so much to do in such a grand setting, it is easy to see why Canada is such a hotspot for tourists of all kinds.


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A More Memorable Excursion

Excursions are some of the most memorable parts of any cruise. Nobody comes back from a cruise and talks about how they drank piña coladas poolside. They talk about things like jet skiing, ziplining through forests and jungles, and taking tours through exotic landscapes. As an excursion operator, your goal is to make your excursion the most memorable one of the trip. This translates to better ratings and repeat business for your company, which leads to more profits. To help point out some of the key factors in making your excursion unforgettable to a cruiser, we’ve listed a few steps to help make your excursion that much more special.

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How Safe is Your Excursion?

Sometimes life tends to throw us some unexpected problems and they usually happen when we’re the least bit ready for them. This is often the case for excursion businesses because excursions in general can be dangerous. Elephants can become startled and knock a patron off their backs causing some serious injuries. Ziplines can unexpectedly snap and the injuries can be severe depending on how high up the ziplines are located. Nobody ever expects to get into a car accident on an excursion until it happens. Situations like these don't happen often, but unfortunately they do happen. For that reason it’s always important for you as an excursion operator to be as prepared as possible for the worst-case scenario. To help you out we’ve listed a couple important details to pay attention below to help you achieve some peace of mind when it comes to your excursions security.

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The Two Types of Cruisers

Since mankind began sailing the seven seas, there have been passengers aboard the ships. Typically,
there have always been two types of cruisers. The first enjoys a laid back and leisurely time out at sea,
usually taking in what the ship has to offer at their own pace. The second is the adventurous kind of
cruiser, who is usually more inclined to look for experiences like zip lining or trail riding. Just like there are
two types of cruisers there are also two types of options that a cruiser can choose from when they land at
port. There are shore excursions, which are promoted by the cruise line, and there are independent
excursions, which are run by private companies outside of cruise recommendations. Below, we discuss
some of the specifics that pertain to each kind of cruise excursion.

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The Luxurious Cruise Lineup of 2017


As we set sail into summer, you may want to take a look at all of the new types of cruising experiences in store for 2017. Several new ships are launching from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, and everywhere in between. More exotic locations could mean more opportunity for tours and excursions. However, a more diverse destination pool isn't the only difference we’ve seen in the industry thus far. Ships this year have been more geared towards being smaller and more luxurious as opposed to other years. Below, we’ve labeled several new cruises and what they’ll each entail. With so much happening in the cruise industry it’d be a good idea to keep an eye out and see which ships may be headed your way!

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15 Ways to Make Your Excursion Safer and More Memorable

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