3_Shore_Excursions_for_the_Entire_FamilyShore excursions and tours offered by cruise lines provide a wide range of options ranging from zip lining to Jeep tours. Which type of tour is the most family friendly and best for your family? Here are three excursions that are sure to go right for your the family: children, teenagers, parents and grandparents!

1. Nature Excursions

Cruises offer amazing nature tours and excursions off the boat. Some of the most popular ones are: snorkeling and scuba diving tours, swimming with dolphins and stingrays and banana boating fun. Other great inland activities are hiking, mountain and rock climbing and enjoying the sun on the beach.

2. Sightseeing Excursions

Some of the best excursions are purely breathtaking sights. Whether it’s a beautiful waterfall or an amazing cave the possibilities are endless. Popular tours for families are: jeep sightseeing tours, glass bottom boat getaways and bus tours are some of the top tourist attractions.

3. Entertainment

Last on the list but not the least is entertainment for families. There is great family entertainment on most island getaways with activities ranging from kid friendly arcades and bowling arenas to zoos, butterfly gardens, playgrounds and water parks.

Excursions Not Appropriate for Families

These are excursions and tours reserved for adults over 21 years old. There is partying and drinking on these excursions and dangerous extreme sports that can only be participated by adults safely.

1. Booze Cruises and Happy Hour Beach Parties

These booze cruises and happy hour beach parties are strictly for adults. There is partying and drinking alcohol, making this strictly available for patrons of age.

2. Water Sports - Jet Skis for Children, Wind Surfing and Water Skiing

Water sports are fun for teenagers and athletic young children but some of the more extreme sports are the ones to avoid. Fast jet-skis and wind parasailing are advanced sports and need multiple hours of training to be performed correctly and safely especially by young children.

3. Air Sports - Skydiving, Para-Sailing and Water Pressured Jetpacks

Just like with water sports, air sports tend to be dangerous for beginners and young children. Skydiving, parasailing and water-pressured jetpacks are reserved for teenagers and adults only.

Shore excursions offered by cruise lines offer a wide range of tours. For families there are great options such as: nature, sightseeing and entertainment excursions. It is best for families to avoid booze cruises and extreme sports because since these activities are geared towards adults and can be dangerous.

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