shore_excursionsMost cruise passengers have heard of the most common shore excursions such as parasailing or horseback riding...but have you ever heard of swimming with sharks or having lunch with Count Dracula? Some of the more unusual shore excursions are hard to find but they are out there.

Expected Excursions

Cruise passengers expect options like a day at the beach, a jeep tour of an island, or simple snorkeling tours. In fact, they may want options like these and view these expected excursions as the vacation relaxation they’ve been planning. Some passengers will enjoy the typical tourist attractions like shopping duty-free. Meanwhile, the more adventurous passengers may request local eating options for a more authentic experience, or they might want to go parasailing.

But even a parasailing adventure is expected on a cruise. Why not offer the unexpected?

Not Your Typical Excursions

When a cruise passenger goes on an excursion that’s atypical, out of the ordinary, and the adventure of a lifetime, they’ll go home and tell everyone they know about the it.

Horseback riding is fun, but it doesn’t bring the same level of thrill as camping in Antarctica. Yep, that’s an option. Cruise passengers are provided with survival skill training, winter sleeping bags, and a tent for two. Bragging rights are free of charge.

A Romanian shore tour brings a chance to connect with everyone’s favorite vampire, Dracula. Cruise passengers can tour the haunts of Vlad Tepes, the real-life inspiration for Dracula, including Bran Castle in Transylvania.

Underwater Adventure of a Lifetime

One of the most unique underwater excursions is the Ocean Connection’s B.O.S.S. Underwater Adventure Tour. The B.O.S.S. (Breathing Observation Submersible Scooter) is essentially a personal mini-submarine! With zero scuba diving or swimming experience required, participants can explore the second largest coral reef in the world in Roatan, Honduras.

The B.O.S.S. enables the participant to breathe completely normally while being submerged under water as deep as eight feet. Dive instructors assist and provide a fascinating underwater tour. This mini-submarine is environmentally friendly and has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and The Today Show.

By offering creative and unique experiences for passengers, tour operators can be confident that passengers will come back and that they will tell their friends. These types of shore excursions will easily sell themselves to future cruise passengers through the buzz and hype of an adventure of a lifetime.

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