atlantic_hurricane_seasonHurricane season is on the horizon, but there’s no need to fear. While the threat of inclement weather does slow down tourism and cruises, it doesn’t cause it to stop. Cruise operators continue to send ships out to sea, and tourists to your excursions, all while they are diligently watching weather forecasts to keep their passengers safe. They will also be acutely aware of your insurance coverages in the riskier seasons, so it’s best to make sure you have everything they’re looking for so you can keep running your business as usual.

Protect Your Patrons

2015 is predicted to be one of the slowest hurricane seasons since the mid 1900s. Odds are in your favor that cruise lines will be sending plenty of tourists to your sunny shores. In case the meteorologists are wrong, tour operators have a responsibility to be prepared should a storm roll in.

To protect tourists, your staff, and yourself in case of a hurricane, you should limit the activities you offer on your excursion during the season. Anything that would be risky in high winds or high tides should be cut or modified. In case of a storm, always have an emergency plan in place and make sure your staff is aware of what to do when the time comes.

Modify Your Bookings and Offerings

To avoid as many cancellations as possible, you’ll want to keep as close of an eye on the weather as possible. Modify your bookings based on forecasts, and stay in touch with your contact at the cruise line to ensure you’re not making preparations for a group of passengers that never makes it to port.

Get the Cruise Lines To Work With You

All cruise lines require you to have excursion insurance, or, as it’s also known, tour operator insurance. Without it, they will not consider promoting your tour as you’ll be considered too much of a liability. Some excursion operators look at it as an added expense, but the truth of the matter is that it’s an investment. Without it, you’ll be missing out on revenue from the cruise lines that continue to bring tourists during the off-season.

Hurricane season is no reason to close shop, especially during a mild season as this year is predicted to be. It’s a time to make sure you have prepared for the safety of your patrons, and have the proper coverage to ensure you’re an attractive candidate to the cruise lines, whose marketing efforts will result in a considerable increase in revenue for your business.

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