thumbnail-6_(2)There are many cruise lines out there offering fun and exciting excursions for their passengers. As an excursion operator, you want to have a good reputation with the cruise lines and comply with all of their requirements so that you can increase the amount of business that you do with cruise lines.

Here are 3 helpful tips to getting more business with cruise lines:

1. Comply with the Requirements

Cruise lines have their choice of different excursion operators, so in order to stand out it’s important you play by their rules. Adhering to the rules and regulations that the cruise has for excursion operators is key. Each cruise line will have different requirements, so be sure to track the details somewhere that is easily accessible. You can use an excel spreadsheet and input the name of the cruise line and the listed requirements.

One of the requirements that most, if not all cruise lines have of their tour operators is that they have excursion insurance that has world wide jurisdiction and is A.M. Best rated A- or above.
In addition to meeting these requirements, delivering quality service and maintaining a good relationship with cruise lines will help your overall business -- and hopefully secure more work in the future.

2. Provide Excellent Marketing Materials  

A picture is worth a thousand words. Engage cruise lines with vibrant and dynamic marketing materials that really show what you do. Use active images of people having fun, enjoying themselves, and sharing experiences. Be sure to put your logo, tagline, and any other important information on the materials as well. In addition, naming a direct point of contact will help people personalize your company. You want to make it as easy as possible to get in touch with you! Pro tip: Put a few real-life testimonials on your materials from passengers who have participated in your excursions. When people can vouch for your service to others, and share information with friends, you are golden.

3. Set Yourself Apart from the Pack: Be Remarkable

As stated before, cruise lines have many options when it comes to excursion operators. What makes you stand out? What makes you better than the rest? Find your niche, and own it. Be remarkable and show people a good time. Don’t just talk about service, but embody it. Cruise lines want to make sure their passengers are well taken care of and having fun. Think about ways that your company stands out and can provide the best experience possible for travelers looking to have a good time.

As an excursion operator, you have a unique opportunity to offer something that people will remember for a lifetime. Passengers on the cruises will be sharing photos from your adventures, as well as sharing stories with all of their friends. Make sure you are getting good word of mouth coverage, and that your business is their go-to excursion operator. Using these tips will be a win-win situation for everyone; passengers will be excited, and have a great time on the excursion and you are likely to get more business.

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