3-ways-to-leverage-positive-reviews-imageAs a tour operator, there’s nothing more satisfying than to hear guests raving about your experience. When your excursion becomes the highlight of their vacation, you know you’re doing something right. Your hope is that they spread the word, preferably on social media, so you can use their praise to your advantage. A string of shining reviews can do wonders for your tour operator business, increasing new excursion bookings exponentially.

Here's how you can harness the power of the customer testimonial:

1) Search for authenticity.

Collecting every review ever written about your hike-and-bike tour just isn’t enough. Learn how to pinpoint the elements of a strong review, and then extract the most authentic material. For instance, a post that applauds your high-quality helmets is worth sharing on your safety guidelines brochure. A customer video paired with some of your professional footage can give your guests a more well-rounded perspective. Keep an eye out for the right details, and always keep your marketing strategy in mind.

2) Share all that glowing praise.

Once you have your top picks, put them up on your website for all to see. Have a dedicated page for customer testimonials, highlighting all the different aspects of your tour operator business—from guest engagement to your longstanding relationship with a reputable cruise line. Tap into social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to strengthen your presence, and consider linking to influential travel sites. By embedding the TripAdvisor widget on your website, you can drive recent reviews to your site.

3) Respond to build trust.

People trust personal opinions online because they offer a window into the experience. When you respond to a comment, you not only demonstrate your stellar customer service skills, you get a chance to humanize your brand and join the conversation. Even if it’s a negative review, if you can show that you genuinely care and address the issue in a professional way, you may be able to turn that review around. Every interaction counts and can help you build a stronger bond with your customers.

By following these simple tips, you can attract new customers, generate more leads, and position your tour operator business for success.

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