A More Memorable Excursion

Posted by Jim McCue | October 23, 2017


Excursions are some of the most memorable parts of any cruise. Nobody comes back from a cruise and talks about how they drank piña coladas poolside. They talk about things like jet skiing, ziplining through forests and jungles, and taking tours through exotic landscapes. As an excursion operator, your goal is to make your excursion the most memorable one of the trip. This translates to better ratings and repeat business for your company, which leads to more profits. To help point out some of the key factors in making your excursion unforgettable to a cruiser, we’ve listed a few steps to help make your excursion that much more special.

Social Media

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and where you place that picture can have just as big an impact. Social media has become second nature to younger generations, and has heavily influenced travel culture in general. It’s one of the most effective tools a cruise line can use to improve the excursion experience. You can either create your own social media presence, or increase your network through your customers. Facebook has over 1.5 billion users and Instagram has over 400 million users, so there's a lot of room to show and grow your business. Social media can also add value to items like photo packages. Customers can “tag” your business on their excursion pictures on social media, which will help your company's network of potential clients to grow. In essence, more of a social media presence could equate to more business.

Great Guides

People often put the focus on the excursion itself, but an excellent guide can make the experience truly unique and unforgettable. A great guide is both a teacher and an entertainer for the guests on the excursion. Their personality is what sets the tone for a great experience. A bland guide could put a damper on the entire excursion. One of the most important things people talk about when they bring up a past trip, besides where they went, is the people they met. Often, those people are the tour guides that introduced them to the places they were visiting and made the experience so memorable. So, if you want to make your excursion more memorable, start with hiring relatable and social people with great energy and passion.

It's the Little Things

It seems counterintuitive, but often the most impactful things you can do for your guests on an excursion are in the little details. This plays into the idea of hiring great guides who pay attention to these little details to make the excursion extra special for the guest. Things like offering guests a piece of gum or pointing out an unusual or interesting fact are often what make customers remember the excursion, and by extension your company. If you want to make an excursion truly unforgettable, don’t forget the details.


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