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Posted by Jim McCue | October 30, 2017


canada-2575434_704_470.jpgCanada is as popular a tourism destination as ever before. In 2016, almost 20 million travelers visited the “True North”. This was a 10% increase in tourists from the previous year, and the second highest number of visitors ever! The cruise industry is no exception. Cruise related spending in Canada increased by 34% from 2012 to 2016. Cruise lines including Norwegian, Princess, Holland America and Royal Caribbean are sending more ships to Canada each year. The cruise industry alone contributed $3.2 billion to Canada’s economy last year.


Canada’s hundreds of ports of call received over two million passengers in 2016, and that number is increasing. Many reasons could be attributed to the popularity of Canadian cruises, but some of the biggest factors have to be its pristine natural beauty and cosmopolitan cities, both of which provide for some breathtaking excursions. Combining cruising with excursions is a great way to explore Canada in all of its splendor. The excursion possibilities are plentiful. Whale watching, viewing fall foliage, hiking, biking, tall ship sailing and deep sea fishing are just some of the options. With so much to do in such a grand setting, it is easy to see why Canada is such a hotspot for tourists of all kinds.


Bear in mind, exploring Canada can be exhilarating, but much of Canada is a wild, and therefore potentially dangerous, setting. There is much room for error when hosting tourists on land and water tours. Things like wildlife, extreme temperatures and generally riskier wilderness and ocean excursions are potentially problematic for even the most experienced or prepared of guests. It is essential to stay safe and be as prepared as possible for potential disaster.


If you’re an excursion operator in a risky environment, your first thought should be for the well-being and safety of your guests. Having the right set of precautions and planning in place can give you and your customers the peace of mind to truly be immersed in the excursion. Then, makes sure you are properly covered with the right kind of liability insurance to protect your business and ensure you can cater to cruise lines. Canada is wild and beautiful, with some of the most awe inspiring natural vistas there are. Make sure your company is ready to meet the challenges that come with this amazing setting.


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