cruising_101At one of our goals is to provide information about shore excursions and the cruise industry. We want to help excursion operators run their businesses more profitably and give cruise passengers information about excursions that they might be interested in taking.

Recently we came across a great website that has almost everything you would ever want to know about the cruise industry and shore excursions. This section of USA Today is a great source of materials ranging from how to save money while cruising, travel tips, information about shore excursions and common myths surrounding cruises. This is a great resource for shore excursion operators to stay up to date on the cruise industry and passengers looking to take a cruise or book a shore excursion.

Cruise Line Myths

One of the most popular parts of the USA Today Cruising 101 site debunks the myths about cruises and shore excursions that we wanted to point out. Cruising—as a form of vacation—has become increasingly popular, which means there is a wide variety of options and an abundance of information available on the internet. But, with all of this information comes common misconceptions about cruising which can have a negative impact on a person’s perception of this form of travel. The content found on USA Today works to debunk these myths and provide cruisers with accurate information about ships and the industry. Big Ship Cruising Myths addresses some common misconceptions about your time aboard the cruise ship while Shore Excursions Myths walks readers through the truth about taking tours at your destination.

An Abundance of Information

In addition to debunking myths, the USA Today Cruising 101 resource provides information for readers about all aspects of cruising which is a great way for families and people of all ages to enjoy themselves because there is so much available to them.

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