Don't scare them! Warn them.

Posted by Jim McCue | January 1, 2018

Don't Scare them! Warn them

It’s no secret that accidents can and have happened during excursion activities. Some have resulted in serious injury and even death. Excursion safety is no joke, and as an excursion provider, it’s important that you warn your passengers about potential threats that may arise during their experience. However, it is equally important that you tread lightly when it comes to how you communicate this message. While you do want to inform your guests, you don’t want to scare them or mute their hunger for adventure!

This post was created to teach you how to communicate effectively as an excursion provider to potential guests, informing them on important safety topics, without scaring them away from the adventure.


Give them a safety brief that is informative and entertaining

Have you ever taken a flight, and just before taking off, the airline provides an entertaining video that communicates safety protocol using puppets or other fictional characters? This is a perfect example of a way to communicate “safety” in a light-hearted and non-scary way. Consider making a catchy jingle about safety rules, or teach fun slogans that your excursion leaders will have passengers repeat after them. This will draw attention to the rules in an exciting and engaging way.

The goal is to inform your passengers without scaring them away! The more entertaining the means of communication is, the more attention passengers will give to the rules, and the safer everyone will be as a group.


Tell them about the precautions your business has taken to keep them safe

If your excursion business reviews the state of equipment on a daily basis, has created emergency protocols, or mapped out the safest routes for guests, let them know. Excursion seekers want to know that you have taken safety precautions prior to their arrival. This will not only make them feel more protected during the excursion, but this kind of information will be the perfect segway into what they need to do to on their own to stay safe.


Ask them to be honest about their limitations

Make sure you disclaim any skills passengers might need during the excursion. If they need to be able to swim, climb, jump, or hold their breath, you need to communicate this to them. This is the time to stress that they are honest with their limitations. For example, if they don’t particularly know how to swim, and the excursion involves time spent around or in water, they MUST let an excursion leader know. This way, the excursion leader can pay special attention to these individuals or give them equipment to assist them, (i.e. a life jacket). Your excursion leader can communicate this to them in an upbeat way, by saying, “If you’re not quite as good at swimming, come over here to the VIP section to pick your special equipment.”


Remember, the goal is to inform, without instilling fear! Communicate everything you need to, but do it in a fun and light hearted manner, let them know about the safety precautions you have taken as an excursion provider, and ask them to be honest about their limitations. By keeping it fun and lighthearted, passengers will pay attention to safety without being afraid.


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