Factors_that_Go_Into_an_Excursion_Insurance_QuoteEvery shore excursion or tour is different and developing an excursion insurance quote is based on many factors. The type of excursion, service of alcohol, use of subcontractors, and use of employee training can all affect the premium you see on your final quote.

When operating tours, it is essential to plan ahead for the safety of your team members and your customers, and part of that plan is making sure worker’s compensation, errors and omissions, and general liability are all well covered. Before shopping for a policy, do some research into what you can expect, given the details of your excursion or tour.

It’s All About Risk

Insurance quotes are based primarily around the risk involved. Anything that increases the risk of loss will increase premiums, and anything that decreases the risk of loss will lower premiums.

What Types of Risks Are Involved?

For example, a walking tour has less risk of loss than a hang gliding tour, since people are less likely to injure themselves walking than hang gliding. Likewise, an excursion or tour serving alcohol increases its risk of loss by opening the possibility of customers and team members becoming intoxicated.

Who Is Operating the Tour or Excursion?

The use of subcontractors, especially with regard to non-owned land, air, and sea vehicles will also be seen to increase the risk of loss. Offering employee training, on the other hand, decreases the risk of loss as your team members will be more knowledgeable and therefore better prepared to deliver outstanding service and results.

It is essential to the responsible operation of any company offering tours or shore excursions to have excellent coverage suited to the needs of each excursion or tour. This includes bodily injury and property damage, various components of hired watercraft and aircraft liability, professional liability (errors and omissions), personal injury, general liability, and worker’s compensation.

Look at your excursion and be aware of the various factors that could affect your premium. This will ultimately set your expectations for the quote you will receive and find the best policy with the best premium for your excursion.

If you are unclear about the factors that go into your excursion insurance premiums or other questions related to your insurance, feel free to contact us.

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