rome-boat-experienceEach month Excursion Insurance features a shore excursion that is fun and safe for tour participants. This month, our featured excursion is Top Service - Rome Boat Experience.

The Rome Boat Experience operated by Top Service is the newest offering by the company that allows guests to engage with Roman history and culture while maintaining the authenticity that is often lost during tours. Top Service has been involved in the tourism industry for fifteen years and sets itself apart from other operators and tours because of the positive reputation that has been developed. Located on the Tiber river, the modern infrastructure of Rome juxtaposed against the ancient ruins is a great way to see how the city has changed over time. The city of Rome dates back to 753 B.C. and boasts some of the greatest history in the world.

Guests can expect to be greeted by professional staff and to be well taken care of. Depending on specific requests and arrangements ahead of time, Top Service staff are able to accommodate a variety of engagements onboard from corporate events, wedding receptions or private parties. Choose from a number of their tour packages to determine what will best suit your party and vacation. Top Service strives to create a sophisticated and intimate experience for those who book excursions. The tours below will help you see some of the most famous sites in Rome including: St. Peter’s Square, the Vatican City and Piazza Venezia.

There are a number of options available to you including a river cruise with the flexibility to explore the various areas at your own pace. Boats come to each of the four boarding points every thirty minutes and operate from 10 AM to 7 PM. A dinner cruise with live music is also available every Friday and Saturday. This two hour, three course meal allows you to experience Italian cuisine while taking a peaceful and scenic cruise from S. Angelo’s Pier. For those who would prefer wine and appetizers, the one and a half hour Wine Bar Cruise is a great option. The Ride and Sail Combined Tour allows guests to see the best of Rome from land and water. By combining the boat tour with a hop-on, hop-off bus, you will be able to experience the best of the sites.

tapsy-toursTapsy Tour’s in Rome is also available for cruise and non-cruise passengers, taking off from the city center two times a week. Also, shore excursions guests are personally welcomed at the pier by the amazing mole Tapsy that gave its name to the tour; to the delight of young and old, Tapsy will take you from the ship to the city center singing songs with all participants on board the bus.

Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner or the opportunity to take advantage of the hop-on, hop-off tours for sightseeing, Top Service’s professional and knowledgeable staff will make sure your trip exceeds your expectations and you experience all of the great qualities of Rome.

For more information regarding the offers, contact:

Stefano Maina at (+39) 06 560 00 178  or  

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