French-RivieraEach month Excursion Insurance features a shore excursion that is fun and safe for tour participants. This month, our featured excursion is Top Service - French Riviera.

The French Riviera has become a popular tourist destination because of its’ rich history and beautiful scenery. With 15 years of experience in the cruise and tourist industry, Top Service GgmbH understands the importance of providing a high quality experience to all guests who book their excursions. The company offers an array of group and private tours in the region and is recognized as one of the key players on the French Riviera. You can participate in one of the company’s excursions before or after your Mediterranean cruise or make it part of your independent travel plans.

There are a number of cities along the French Riviera that are worth exploring and a trip with Top Service allows you to select a package that includes the destinations on your wish list. The small country of Monaco offers the chance to learn about Grace Kelly, the American actress who married Prince Rainier III to become the Princess of Monaco. Montecarlo’s architecture and famous landmarks allows visitors the chance to see the places from their favorite movies in person.

Cannes, home of the famous film festival, is a city where there is always something new to explore. A two mile boulevard lined with historical hotels and views of expansive beaches allows visitors to enjoy the contrast of scenery and architecture. Shopping is a major attraction in Cannes and many local specialties are available for purchase.

French-RivieraDepending on the size of your group and the itinerary you desire, Top Service will work with you to ensure you receive the service and experience you are looking for during your vacation. Common cities to visit include: Cote D’Azur, the second most visited city in France behind Paris boasts 80 miles of beautiful coastline as its’ backdrop. The military port of Toulon has adapted to the demands of the tourist industry and is often considered the Little Venice of France with a bustling waterfront and colorful buildings. Visitors will have plenty of opportunities to participate in an iconic French wine tasting if they so desire. An ancient fishing port, Cassis has attracted many artists throughout its’ rich history and the natural beauty found around the city is the inspiration of many famous pieces of art.

The French Riviera is worth exploring. By utilizing the services of Top Service, you will receive excellent service from knowledgeable staff while taking in the beautiful scenery of the area.

For more information, contact: M. Grazia Cinti at (+39) 06 560 00 178 or

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