waterEach month Excursion Insurance features a shore excursion that is fun and safe for tour participants. This month, our featured excursion is Ocean Connections Water Sports.  

Ocean Connections is located on the beautiful island of Roatan; one of the Bay Islands of the Honduras. Roatan boasts white sandy beaches, distinct wildlife and an extensive barrier reef. With the coral reef being the second largest on Earth, the scuba diving experience can be considered to be parallel to none.

Established for over two years, Ocean Connections operates in West End, Roatan, close to 40 dive sites within the Roatan Marine Park.  

After extensive renovations and improvements were completed in 2013, Ocean Connections features a retail center that carries a wide assortment of diving accessories and apparel and footwear merchandise. Equipment is maintained on-site and the best selections of rental gear are available.  Guests can relax in the spacious palapa and are treated to a courteous and professional level of service by the staff.  

The B.O.S.S. Underwater Adventure Tour

While Ocean Connections offers several different excursions, one of the most popular and unique is the B.O.S.S. Underwater Adventure Tour.  

B.O.S.S., the Breathing Observation Submersible Scooter (a.k.a. Personal Mini-Submarine), offers an exciting and innovative way to explore the aquatic realm.  

boss-underwater-adventureOn the B.O.S.S. Underwater Adventure Tour, one can view the marvels of the sea with no scuba diving or swimming experience required.  Using an underwater motorized scooter, the thrill of a lifetime is had by driving underwater and experiencing one of the most magnificent reefs in the world.  

Once the B.O.S.S. unit is in place, the participants will be submerged below the water surface to a maximum of 8 feet.  As one descends into the water, a seal forms and the scuba tank supplies oxygen to the helmet which allows one to breathe normally.   Dive instructors are on hand to provide the guided underwater tour and assist each participant.

The B.O.S.S. has been featured on The Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and The Today Show.  With the B.O.S.S. unit being propelled by an electric motor that is attached 12 volt sealed battery and switch, It is considered environmentally friendly as no emissions enter the water.

Ocean Connections strives to ensure that all participants on the B.O.S.S. Underwater Adventure will have a fun and safe experience and are always accompanied by professional dive instructors.  

The perfect candidate for a B.O.S.S. Underwater Adventure Tour is in good physical health and can complete a medical questionnaire.  Also the participant must be at least ten years of age, measuring 4 feet and above, and weighing a maximum of 350 lbs.  The average price of the B.O.S.S. Underwater Adventure tour is $100.00 USD. 

For more information on Ocean Connections Water Sports and the B.O.S.S. Underwater Adventure Tour, visit them online at http://www.ocean-connections.com.

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Photo: courtesy of Trip Advisor.

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