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Face it, Cyber security is important!

Hacking is real and could be detrimental to your excursion business. Examples of cyber crimes include holding data hostage and extortion. Hackers will threaten to delete data, infect computer systems with viruses, take over social media accounts, or publish company / employee personal information. And today, it’s become more and more common for hackers to get into desired servers and break into networks.

As scary as it seems, you should know that there are things you can do to prevent your business from getting hacked. Do what you can to protect the security of your excursion business by implementing some cyber security “best practices.” 

What You Can Do:

1. Educate Employees

Let your company know the dangers of cyber security and implement company-wide security protocol. Communicate with your team members the importance of recognizing spear phishing activity and other virus type pop ups. Educate them on the significance of guarding the information they commonly work with to decrease the possibility of a hack. Making your employees part of the conversation by having them watch out for suspicious activity will make your business more secure.


2. Encrypt Data

Hackers will commonly try and go after banking numbers, passwords, social security numbers, and other important records that are sometimes left around. You can protect this information by encrypting it. When you encrypt data, you are converting the information into a code to block unapproved entry. Consider a “full disk encryption” that will convert all off the content on your computer into codes without affecting the speed of processing. The more you encrypt the more protected you are.


3. Protect your Hardware:

It may seem like all hacks occur remotely through wifi networks or email spear phishing tactics, but did you know that a majority of hacks happen after a piece of equipment is stolen? To prevent someone from walking out of the office with an unlimited amount of information, consider utilizing locks to secure computers and other devices to their location. Although it isn’t incredibly difficult to cut or break a lock, it does cause a bit more thought, time and effort to take a piece of hardware, and could deter a potential hacker from taking it at all. Also, make sure server room doors are locked and camera security is installed.


4. Implement Firewalls

Firewalls block outside users from reaching internal server information from a private network. Most businesses already have this set up. But implementing this on your company server is not enough. Nowadays, more and more employees are working remotely or from home. If your business practices this, make sure you communicate with your employees the importance that they too install firewalls on their networks at home. If they have access to sensitive information on a remote network that doesn’t utilize a firewall, it will be easier for a hacker to break through and take information as they please.


5. Secure Smartphones

Don’t forget about smartphones! With the evolution of smartphones, employee’s mobile devices are just as risky as their computers. Make sure your employees are implementing security software, encrypting data, and protecting their information with passwords on their mobile devices as well as tablets.


As someone who has worked hard on their excursion business, you should do everything you can to protect it. Make sure you are keeping cyber security in mind, learning some best practices, and sharing them with your employees to keep your business safe!


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