shore-excursionWhen they say that in business you need to spend money to make money, they're not just talking about getting together the capital to get started. In many cases, in order to increase your revenue, you need to make a small investment. For example, as a tour operator, you're going to want to purchase excursion insurance-- that way, you can promote your outfit to cruise lines and resorts and see more profit.

If you're in an area where cruises frequently stop, without excursion insurance, you're likely missing out on a large chunk of your potential market. In order to attract these passengers, you need to meet the cruise lines requirements, a major part of which is assuring the cruise lines that you can protect their guests while they are no longer on the ship.

Most cruise passengers want to get out and have fun while at a port of call-- they didn't sign up in order to stay on the ship the entire time. But they are also unlikely to do much research into what's available. Because they don't know the area, they're far more likely to choose one of the shore excursion options promoted by the cruise line.

This means that if your tour isn't promoted by the cruise line, the chances of you getting these passengers is diminished. As a tour operator in a cruise area, it's vital for your business that you pick up as many of these passengers as possible. Cruise ships can provide a steady stream of customers, helping you keep your business stable throughout the season.

While there is a small chance that cruise passengers may find their way to your tour, they may opt to go elsewhere due to your lack of excursion insurance. Guests who seek out their own opportunities probably also understand the risk of choosing a tour that doesn't provide proper coverage. In other words, if you want to truly appeal to cruise passengers, you're going to need excursion insurance.

Depending on what kind of tour you offer, you may be required to have different types of excursion insurance. When choosing your plan, you need to keep in mind the requirements of being promoted by the cruise lines in your area. Make sure you consult with a professional and know the standards before you commit; and never make any assumptions...

For example, if you are doing dolphin tours, you will need insurance to cover your watercraft as well as your passengers. If your excursion carries more risk, like a zip line tour or a rock climbing expedition, you'll probably need additional liability insurance. Also keep in mind the reason for purchasing insurance-- keeping your guests safe!  With that in mind, it might be worth it to get extended coverage beyond what cruise lines require.  In the end, what it comes down to, is that excursion insurance keeps your guests safe. While you may already have local insurance, it can't cover everything a cruise line requires in order to make sure their passengers are taken care of. By opting into an excursion insurance plan, you show that you're committed to keeping the cruise line's passengers happy and safe-- something everyone can appreciate, even potential customers who aren't from a cruise.

So, it's true that if you want to make money, you need to spend money, but it goes beyond that. By being promoted on cruise lines and getting a steady stream of customers, you open up many more opportunities. As a tour operator, your primary focus should be on giving tours and keeping guests satisfied, not on a constant search for revenue. Purchasing excursion insurance can be the first step towards that independence.

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