How Safe is Your Excursion?

Posted by Jim McCue | September 26, 2017


Sometimes life tends to throw us some unexpected problems and they usually happen when we’re the least bit ready for them. This is often the case for excursion businesses because excursions in general can be dangerous. Elephants can become startled and knock a patron off their backs causing some serious injuries. Ziplines can unexpectedly snap and the injuries can be severe depending on how high up the ziplines are located. Nobody ever expects to get into a car accident on an excursion until it happens. Situations like these don't happen often, but unfortunately they do happen. For that reason it’s always important for you as an excursion operator to be as prepared as possible for the worst-case scenario. To help you out we’ve listed a couple important details to pay attention below to help you achieve some peace of mind when it comes to your excursions security.


The most basic fundamental when it comes to recreational safety is taking care of your equipment. Kayaks should constantly be checked for damage to make sure water can't enter the kayak, paddles should also be inspected to ensure they are sturdy. If your excursion involves automobiles, vehicle maintenance should be performed regularly by a professional to avoid potential breakdowns or car accidents. Consistent maintenance and care won't just increase safety, it will also increase your equipment's longevity. Cars and kayaks will last longer which will save you money in the long run. This is also important because vehicles that don’t look well maintained could scare off some of your patrons if they feel it's too risky. This same principle of good maintenance can be applied if your equipment is a live animal. If your excursion works with different kinds of animals, constantly checking that they are well fed, cared for, healthy and happy will insure that they can work better and live longer. Overall the idea is that if you take care of your equipment, the equipment will take care of you and your business.


When it comes to excursion safety, the focus is usually on equipment. People often forget that the people handling the excursion are just as important. Having someone who is careless and unenthusiastic working for your excursion can actually be a potential hazard. A careless operator could lead to broken equipment, injured patrons and an overall bad excursion experience. Hiring a person who is motivated and well-trained on safety rules will bring a sense of security to your patrons, and help them enjoy themselves more – especially when it comes to adrenaline-rushing activities like bungee jumping, white water rafting and zip lining. Careful workers will also pay more attention to detail and will be more likely to notice a potential hazard. For example, if an excursion worker is truly invested in what they're doing, they could pick up on a broken hinge in a zip line or a kayak that isn't 100% ready to hit the water. Small details like this could be the difference between a disaster and staying safe.


For everything you can control, there’s preparation and for everything you can't control there’s insurance. Regardless of how well maintained your equipment is and how amazing your workers are, problems do happen. Nobody is ever ready for a broken raft while white water rafting or a bungee cord snapping after being inspected. In the real world, anything can happen – which is why you need to be prepared. Insurance is there to protect you from the financial burdens that come with unexpected accidents. If a patron breaks an arm on one of your excursions, an insurance policy will help out with the medical bills. An adequate insurance policy will also help cover the expenses of your broken equipment or any destroyed belongings of your patrons. Insurance can be a safety net for you to fall back on when disasters happen. Proper excursion insurance can also help you grow your business because it allows you to be eligible to work with cruise lines. If you’re looking for an insurance company that specializes in excursion liabilities, check out excursion insurance and give yourself and your patrons some peace of mind.

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