helena-lopes-463976-unsplash.jpgMillennials now represent the largest living generation in the U.S. If you aren’t doing everything you can to understand how to attract Millennials to your company, you’re quickly going to get left behind. This is especially true because we know that Millennials love to travel. Per a published Airbnb report, Millennials prefer to spend money on traveling rather than saving up for a house or paying off debt. They believe that travel is a part of who they are - more than 70% of survey respondents claimed that “travel is an important part of who I am as a person.”.

It’s clear that Millennials can make or break your tour company. The key becomes figuring out what to do with this knowledge. How are you going to attract Millennials to your company? To help you out, I have put together four important tips that will help drive Millennials to your company in droves:


1. Give Them What They Want


If you really want to know how to attract Millennials to your business, the first step is simple - put together packages that would entice them in the first place. If you don’t have something exciting for them, getting their attention isn’t going to help you land any additional business.

The same Airbnb report I referenced earlier also mentions that Millennials are looking for adventure when they travel. They’re looking for unique experiences that give them a true insight into what the local lifestyle is actually like. Instead of offering packages with activities based on tourist attractions, look into including adventurous, authentic experiences. Use social media as a gauge - the more shareable something is, the more appealing it will be.


2. Offer Freedom


In addition to authentic, exciting experiences, Millennials also value their freedom. Instead of having a rigidly booked itinerary, they prefer to explore at their leisure, doing what they want when they want to do it.

All you have to do is make it easy for travelers to mix and match as they please. Instead of requiring activities to be booked ahead of time, provide plenty of options and allow people to book excursions on-the-fly. Be prepared with suggestions for off-hours dining suggestions and late-night dance clubs.

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3. Build Your Tour Company’s Social Media Presence


You shouldn’t be shocked to learn that Millennials flock to social media. For a tour company, however, social media is especially important. Travel content is very visual and highly shareable, a combination for great content. Beyond that, Millennials, love to share travel content. That means if you’re able to produce something worthwhile, you’ll be able to reach Millennials effectively and maybe even their friends and family, too.

Facebook is one obvious important platform. You’ll want to create videos and blog posts that highlight the unique, authentic experiences we know Millennials crave. Make sure your content is engaging and opens itself up for discussion. The more engagement it gets, the more likely it is to be seen without having to pay for a boost.

Instagram should also be a key part of your social media strategy. As the most visual platform, it’s the perfect place to include breathtaking photographs of local spots, accommodations, or even cuisine. Leverage the story functionality to stay at the top of your followers’ feeds. In order to gain new followers, use plenty of hashtags for each picture or video you share. Give each hashtag a local flavor (for example, #PhiladelphiaCheesesteak, #StayAtNashville, or #HikingInSeattle). This ensures that when somebody searches Instagram for content about that specific location, your tour company can pop up organically, ready to help them out!


4. Leverage the Content They’re Already Posting


One of the most valuable steps you can take is also the easiest - using your existing customers’ content. Ask your guests for permission to share the best and most interesting posts they make while on their trip with you. You can even contact them when the trip ends and offer a coupon or discount for their next trip if they’re willing to share their social handles with you so that you can retweet or share a couple of their best efforts.

Why is this so valuable? Simply put, Millennials don’t like advertising. In fact, 84% of them claim not to trust traditional advertising. If they see content from your tour company, they might not give it any credence simply because it’s coming from a company. If they see something originally posted from a peer, however, they’re going to view it as more authentic and trustworthy.

Overall, understanding how to attract Millennials to your business is like trying to draw any other customer- you need to understand what they’re looking for and find a way to offer it to them. By offering trips and tour packages customized to their desires, providing a bit of flexibility, and focusing not only on your social media but on finding ways to incorporate theirs, too, you’ll be well on your way to connecting with Millennials more effectively than ever before.

Have you been able to effectively build tour packages or marketing strategies specifically to bring Millennials to your own tour company? Make sure to share your own tips or any questions below!


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