How_to_Choose_a_Shore_Excursion_for_Your_Next_CruiseShore excursions offered by cruise lines offer a wide range of tours from zip lining and snorkeling tours to nature hikes and excursions but which type of tour is best for you?

Are you single looking for fun in the sun or are you married looking for some quality time on your honeymoon? There is a tour for everyone…cruises can help you choose the best tour that suits your preferences and needs.

For the Young and Single Crowd

Young and single vacationers are in luck because cruises are the perfect spot for fun in the sun. There are a wide range of activities good for this demographic and even some tailored specifically for them such as booze cruise excursions and happy hour beach parties.

There are also many extreme sports available and fun activities for adults such as:

  • Jet-skiing

  • Water skiing

  • Wakeboarding

  • Skydiving

  • Parasailing

For Couples and Honeymooners

There are so many great activity options for couples and the newlyweds. Whether you like adventure or luxury, cruises will always offer a wide range of excursions and tours. The most popular adventures for couples are horseback riding on the beach, jeep tours, skydiving and nature hikes.

For those that prefer the luxury and relaxation cruises offer:

  • Couples spas

  • Massages

  • Wine and champagne tours

  • Shopping trips to local malls and retail outlets

For Everyone

Cruises offer great sightseeing excursions and days at the beach for everyone. They also offer transportation to the top sightseeing spots and beautiful beaches to make it easy for families and any cruise goers to stick together and have a fun time exploring each destination. It is important to remember to be responsible and safe while off the boat by always using cruise company approved excursions, tours and transportation.

There are great shore excursion options offered by cruise lines whether you are a single young vacationer, a honeymooner or even a big family with children and grandparents. It is important for tourists to only use cruise approved excursions, activities and transportation to ensure the best safety in foreign lands and waters.

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