shore_excursionWhen it comes to choosing a family vacation, cruises are the perfect opportunity to ensure that everyone in the family will be happy with the decision. Family friendly cruises offer many activities on the ship, but the real fun happens when you take part in the excursions offered by your cruise line. Follow the tips below to choose the best excursions for all the members of your family:

Take in the Local Culture

Throughout your cruise, you'll probably stop at several ports in new locations. When you're off the ship, make the time to learn about the local culture. Try some local food, get off the beaten path, and take part in excursions that feature local points of interest. There's a lot to learn about different groups of people and cruise excursions can make it possible. 

Go on an Adventure

What better time to try out a fun and exciting new experience than on vacation? Zip lining, swimming with dolphins, and ATV Tours are all activities that are frequently offered by excursion operators. When you get home, you'll love showing friends and family member photos of not only beautiful sunsets and beaches, but action shots as well. 

Get Active

After spending a day or two onboard the ship, some members of the family might be feeling antsy. Look for excursions that will allow you to get out, stretch your legs, and be active. Hiking through a new location is an excellent way to engage in physical activity while taking in the sights and checking out the local scenery.

Enjoy the Water

Why simply admire the water from the deck of your ship when you can get up close and personal while docked? Look for water related excursions for the nature lovers and swimmers in your group. Frequently, there are opportunities to get out on a smaller boat for fishing or watching the sunset with while enjoying local cocktails. Those looking for an adventure may want to try water skiing, snorkeling or maybe try snuba!

Take Time to Relax

While you're planning your adventures, don't forget that you're on vacation! Most cruises will give the option of helping you get to the most relaxing beach at your destination. Some will include a local lunch, others will end in a laid back sail through the water. While there is certainly a place for adventure and excitement, a relaxing excursion will help you end your vacation feeling rested and refreshed.

Keep the Kids in Mind

Before choosing any cruise excursions, consider who will be present for the trip. While time spent with family touring cultural sites may sound like a fun idea, things can quickly take a turn for the worse if the temperature is too high and children are in tow. Those excursions that are very long or involve a great deal of walking may not be the best idea for younger kids. 

Benefits of Booking Your Excursion Through the Cruise Line

Take the time to look over the excursions your cruise line's offerings and take each family member's personal interests into consideration.  This will ensure that everyone will have the best possible vacation and create lasting memories for everyone.

cruise lines are now offering a lowest price guarantee on tours and shore excursions booked through the cruise line.  These tours and excursions that are offered through the cruise lines are all required to carry excursion insurance which provides piece of mind in knowing that the excursion operator meets certain minimum requirements for safety.  Another sometimes forgotten benefit to booking your excursion through the cruise line is that they know who is on each excursion and won't leave port without you! 

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