How to Reach the Bucket List Traveler

Posted by Jim McCue | December 10, 2018

yolo-bucketlist-traveler703x469Ever since Neil Armstrong left footprints on the moon, people have dreamt of space travel. Now more than ever, it's becoming a reality. While most of our customers aren't quite in that income range, they are dreamers. If we can enable our customers to have that once in a lifetime experience, we can capture the attention of the bucket list traveler.

How do we do that? Creating memories is up to them, but being the catalyst is what we do best. Now we just need to get the word out.

7 Things You Need to Know About Bucket List Dreamers

1. Website Review, update, rearrange, and above all, make it responsive. Dreamers like vibrant, aspirational photography and usually get that from their desktop. According to a 2017 Expedia Group Media Solutions Report, desktops and tablets were used for pre-travel and booking, but smartphones dominate for in-trip use. And, the overwhelming majority of travelers are not on Google, they are using OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) to book their travel. Make sure your pricing is current and competitive. Be informative and concise.

2. eBlasts This is the best place to tout travel bargains, good values and experiential travel. Use your subject line to advertise prices, destinations and dates. It will increase your open rate.

3. Blogs Writing a travel blog is always a great way to engage the bucket list traveler who's looking to find those unique destinations and once in a lifetime experiences.

4. Reviews Posting reviews and practical advice/information are also highly valued. Offering small (5-10%) discounts for reviews is a great way to get customer input, if they aren't coming in organically.

5. Activities and Excursions Activities are every bit as important as the destination, so highlight those prices as well. Contrary to popular belief, dreamers are doers. They are active travelers not afraid of a hike, bike, walk, or climb to encounter that one thing most travelers don't see. It's all about memory making and social media bragging rights! Think instagram stories. Help them create theirs.

6. Social Media Speaking of instagram, bucket listers vary greatly in age, but there's a social avenue for just about everyone. Facebook is preferred for older travelers, while Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram will work well for practically everyone else. For all ages, consider Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Yelp and SMS. Think storytelling and sales promotion. Photos with a catchy phrase or great price will appeal best.

7. Other Media Places where you'll get a good bang for your buck include local magazines, Travel + Leisure, Fodor's, Forbes, NY Times and USAToday travel sections, NPR radio, and an enewsletter offers personalized opportunities.

The moon may not be on their list, but according to the Expedia report, travelers have a destination or three in mind when they start looking to book. While self-booking is readily accessible, the bucket lister is most likely to be grateful for guidance and inspiration. That's where you come in. Every dreamer is looking to live a great story. It's your job to help them find it. Be inspirational and helpful. YOLO!

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