How_to_tell_if_your_Excursion_Insurance_Policy_is_DeficientIn order to do business with most cruise lines and many resorts, tour operators have to have an excursion insurance policy in place. The insurance protects the tour operators but also extends protection to the cruise lines and resorts from any injuries or damages caused while their guests are on the tour. Without this insurance in place, a tour operator will find that cruise lines and resorts may not include them for their guests.

However, not all excursion insurance policies are the same. Some policies do not have the coverage that cruise lines and resorts require for tour operators that they recommend to their guests.

There are a couple of provisions that almost every cruise line and many resort require in excursion insurance policies carried by tour operators: worldwide jurisdiction and coverage from a carrier with a high credit rating.

Worldwide Jurisdiction

Cruise passengers come from all over the world, as do resort guests. If one of those guests is injured during a shore excursion, the question of legal jurisdiction is not always clear. Some countries have more lax liability laws while others have stricter laws, it is almost impossible for the guest to know the local laws in all countries. Most countries require people to bring legal actions in the country where the injury occurred as opposed to the home country of the person that has been injured. That is why it is so critical for a tour operator to have excursion insurance with worldwide jurisdiction.

Coverage from a Carrier with a High Credit Rating

For excursion insurance to be acceptable to cruise lines and resorts, it must have coverage from a carrier with a high credit rating. Specifically, the carrier must hold an A- rating or higher from A.M. Best. This high rating ensures the carrier has the financial means to meet its financial obligations to its clients in the event of a claim.

How can you tell if your excursion insurance policy is deficient?

The easiest way is to contact the offices of the cruise line or resort you want to do business with and ask. They may send you to their website or send you information directly. Another way is to contact an insurance group that specializes in this kind of insurance.

If you want to expand your business and get your tour operations recommended by the cruise line or a resort, make sure you have the best excursion insurance policy possible. Insurance from Excursion will do the job. We only work with insurer’s that are highly rated by A.M Best and offer policies with worldwide jurisdiction. Contact us today or get started on a quote

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