Hurricane Season Onshore

Posted by Jim McCue | July 5, 2017



Hurricane season is here, but vacation season is just getting started. A cruise line will not cancel a cruise unless the weather is detrimental to the well-being and safety of cruisers. Even though cruise lines may keep going, certain excursions could be affected by harsh weather. Below, we’ve listed several tips to prepare for the hurricane season and how it might affect onshore excursions.


Keep an Eye on the Weather


As obvious as this may seem, it's important to keep checking the weather as often as possible. As good as modern meteorologists and technology may be, weather is still unpredictable. This is most often the case with when it comes to hurricanes. Hurricanes can start off being severe, but die out from one day to the next. Alternatively, a seemingly “minor” hurricane has the potential to become catastrophic within mere hours. The path a hurricane takes can also be wildly unpredictable and veer far off a projected trajectory. Because of these reasons, it's important to plan ahead and constantly be aware of sudden changes in the weather that may affect your excursion. Below, you will find some resources to help you track the weather and better plan your getaways and excursions.



Keep Your Customers Safe


The weather can be unstable during hurricane season. This should always be in the back of your mind when planning excursions. You should build your excursion experiences as much as possible around these potential weather problems, to help eliminate or greatly reduce potential weather-related difficulties. Perhaps limiting the amount of excursion experiences you offer during this time as opposed to the usual offerings could help alleviate potential problems.  You could also try to avoid locations where hurricanes are more common.


Stay in Contact with Cruise Lines


It's important to stay in contact with the cruise lines in order to not waste your valuable time and money. Keep a close eye on the weather, and make sure you're not preparing for a group of passengers that may never show up to the port. If you manage this well enough, you can avoid the hassle of numerous cancellations. Below are some of the people you can contact at the cruise lines or information sources you can check so you can make informed decisions about your trip.


  • Cruise consultant – many cruise lines give customers the option to speak with a cruise consultant, available 24/7.
  • Your travel agent
  • Guest relations
  • Corporate office of the cruise line
  • Website of the cruise line



Work with the Cruise Lines


Any and every cruise line requires excursion insurance, also known as operator insurance. Without it, they can’t promote your business because it's a liability. It’s a fair trade. You get the insurance coverage you need and in exchange, you get all the perks of having a cruise line backing up your company.


Hurricane season isn't necessarily a reason to put your excursion business on hold. Just make sure you’re prepared for any possibility!


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