Remember when you first launched your tour operator business? Perhaps you just started out with a handful of kayaks and a passion for coastal birdwatching. Over time, you created a successful one-person operation—planning the logistics, managing bookings, and hosting all the tours yourself. But as your kayaking eco-adventure grew in popularity, you realized—you can’t do it alone.

If you want your tour operator business to grow, you’ll need to build your dream team. Here’s how you can attract and recruit top talent.

Look for skill, experience and passion

Finding the right people takes time and often requires a trial-and-error period. Keep in mind, that up until now, much of your success has been hinging on you and your ability to deliver an amazing guest experience. If you decide to take on a few more tour guides, be sure they share your passion and are just as knowledgeable. It’s up to you to create your personal standard. If the enthusiasm isn’t consistent, your guests will feel it.


Be their guest and give it a test run.

When hiring a new team member, it’s always wise to try the experience out for yourself. If it’s for a tour guide position, invite a small group of friends or colleagues to join you on a mock tour. Have them evaluate the experience and share their honest feedback. If the position is administrative, there’s still a guest engagement component and you’ll need to watch that person in action. Get into character and act out every possible scenario, from cancellations to safety concerns. The way your employees respond and react is a direct reflection on your brand.


Maximize your social media channels.

Nowadays, one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to recruit new talent is through your social media platforms. Use your Facebook page to get the conversation started with potential employees, or create a few articles on LinkedIn. But don’t just post a list of open positions. This is your chance to put your work values on display, and attract likeminded employees. What’s so unique about working for your tour company? Post a video or broadcast live streams of video content on Facebook or Instagram. Make it authentic and enticing—just like your tours!


By following these helpful tips, you can start building a stellar team and grow your business!

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