As we set sail into summer, you may want to take a look at all of the new types of cruising experiences in store for 2017. Several new ships are launching from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, and everywhere in between. More exotic locations could mean more opportunity for tours and excursions. However, a more diverse destination pool isn't the only difference we’ve seen in the industry thus far. Ships this year have been more geared towards being smaller and more luxurious as opposed to other years. Below, we’ve labeled several new cruises and what they’ll each entail. With so much happening in the cruise industry it’d be a good idea to keep an eye out and see which ships may be headed your way!


Silversea – Silver Muse

Silversea just introduced its first new ship since 2009, with much of the focus on luxury. The ship showcases eight different onboard restaurants, and will feature a high-end whiskey and cigar bar both indoor and on deck.

Destinations: Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Canada, Caribbean, South America, Africa, Asia

Launch date: April 2017


Norwegian – Joy

With its sails set toward the Chinese market, Norwegian will be proudly launch the Joy this summer. It will come packed with a state-of-the-art arcade including virtual reality games, a ten-person electric car racing facility, and even laser tag! The ship will also come equipped with a serenity park and several spa features.

Destinations: Asia

Launch Date: June 2017


Viking – Sky & Sun

Viking is adding a pair of twin cruise ships to its fleet this year. The ships will include a Nordic-style spa and Finnish sauna, a library, and a snow room. The ship will feature long stays and several overnight stays at many of its locations.

Sky Destinations: Mediterranean, Baltic, Northern Europe, Holy Lands

Sky Launch date: February 2017

Sun Destinations: Central America & Cuba, Panama Canal, Northern Europe

Sun Launch date: October 2017


MSC – Meraviglia and Seaside

The Meraviglia, which means “wonder” in Italian, will feature 12 different dining options on board. It will also host Cirque du Soleil shows and will have a water and amusement park on the cruise, as well as interlocked cabins that can connect three ways to hold up to ten cruisers.

MSC is also releasing a ship specifically designed for the North American market. It’s fully equipped with ziplines, rope courses and a water park. It also features glass walkways that overlook the water and open-air spa treatments.

Meraviglia Destinations: Mediterranean, Northern Europe

Meraviglia Launch date: May 2017

Seaside Destinations: Caribbean

Seaside Launch date: December 2017


American Cruise Lines – Constellation

American Cruise Lines is releasing the biggest ship in its fleet this year, with more than nine different cabin categories. The ship will be sailing up and down the eastern coastline, and even inland to make for some unique cruise experiences.

Destinations: Chesapeake Bay, New England, Hudson River, Mid-Atlantic Inland Passage, Southern U.S.

Launch date: May 2017


Lindblad Expeditions – National Geographic Quest

Built for adventure, this ship will feature a small fleet of paddleboards, kayaks and more. It will also feature several nature interactive programs, like a hydrophone designed to hear humpback whales communicating in the water.

Destinations: Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Central America

Launch Date: June 2017


With so much new opportunity coming to the cruise industry this year, you'll want to be ready for the ships sailing your way. As an excursion operator, it's important that you’re prepared with the proper coverage to protect your business before these ships get to you! Get prepared today.


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