The Two Types of Cruisers

Posted by Jim McCue | August 24, 2017


Since mankind began sailing the seven seas, there have been passengers aboard the ships. Typically,
there have always been two types of cruisers. The first enjoys a laid back and leisurely time out at sea,
usually taking in what the ship has to offer at their own pace. The second is the adventurous kind of
cruiser, who is usually more inclined to look for experiences like zip lining or trail riding. Just like there are
two types of cruisers there are also two types of options that a cruiser can choose from when they land at
port. There are shore excursions, which are promoted by the cruise line, and there are independent
excursions, which are run by private companies outside of cruise recommendations. Below, we discuss
some of the specifics that pertain to each kind of cruise excursion.

Shore Excursions

Usually, this is the more expensive of the two options, but for good reason. Shore excursions offer a wide
array of secure benefits that some independent excursions may not offer. For starters, shore excursions
are promoted and endorsed by the cruise line. This means that the cruise ship won't leave the dock until everyone on that excursion has returned, even if the excursion is running late. Guests won't have to worry about waiting in lines or planning the excursion, as the cruise line handles all of this. One of the biggest
benefits of booking a shore excursion is that guests know that the excursion is both licensed and insured
for liability, as this is a requirement for the cruise line. Participants can enjoy their excursion with the
knowledge that, in the event of an accident or emergency, they are covered.

Who typically books shore excursions?

  • First time cruisers
  • Big groups
  • Cruisers who want to relax
  • Cruisers going to exotic/unfamiliar places
  • Cruisers who don't like planning


Independent Excursions

Those who are a bit more adventurous may enjoy planning an independent excursion. Independent
excursions don't include the guarantees that come with shore excursions, although they tend to be a bit
cheaper. Independent excursions are also selected when the desired excursion isn't offered through the cruise line – however, this isn't often the case. Independent excursions are consistently inconsistent when it comes to things like quality, liability insurance and proper licensing. One of the biggest cons of
independent excursions is the possibility of being late or delayed getting back to the ship at the necessary
time and getting left behind while the ship continues to its next destination. This type of excursion might
appeal to the thrill-seeking cruiser.

Who typically books independent excursions?

  • Highly adventurous cruise veterans
  • Cruisers on a budget


In general, the safest bet for a cruise passenger is to go with a shore excursion booked through the cruise line because it's safer, less stressful and it’s insured in case things go wrong. If you’re looking to turn your independent excursion business into a shore excursion, you must ensure you are properly covered by the required excursion insurance.

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