When cruise vacationers are on a tour, safety is often not top of mind. But as a tour operator and business owner, it’s certainly very important to think about! Our tourism insurance team has compiled some tips and tricks to help keep cruisers safe and happy on your excursion. Though every excursion and tour is different, we know that good thinking goes a long way.

A little preparation and strategy assessing your guests before an excursion can keep your travelers happy and safe. We hope these tips help you stay on the best track!

#1 – Post signs to caution your guests. Place warning signs in strategic locations that are visible during the excursion. Since cruisers can be from anywhere, when possible, use a graphic to illustrate potential hazards. Attempt to phrase signs in more than one language. Weather-proof stickers are a great way to put notices on equipment that can become dangerous if used improperly.

#2 – Prepare for variant weather. Make sure to explain to your guests any weather changes they can prepare for in advance. Travelers may have a hard time adjusting or knowing how to deal with your climate. Offer traditional methods of customary clothes, food or drinks to help them acclimate.

#3 – Establish an amicable rapport. Put your guests at ease by breaking the ice between strangers with a friendly conversation. Small talk helps ease tension and can help you better understand your guests’ concerns or needs.

#4 – Set electronic device rules. Precaution your travelers on how to keep electronic devices safe if your excursion can put them at risk. If the adventure requires their absolute attention, instruct travelers to turn off their phones. Distracted travelers may easily miss important signs or rules.

#5 – Offer photo moments or take photos. Travelers want to remember these precious moments. Yet taking pictures can be a distraction to important information or can also bother other travelers in certain circumstances. In some cases, it can even be dangerous. A little talk about photo etiquette can help keep your cruisers remain focused.

#6 – Provide wildlife warnings. Cruisers may be unaware of insects, animals or plants that can be poisonous. Often they will want to touch things or may accidentally cone into contact with something poisonous. Alert them to what to stay away from.

#7 – Offer water, food and weather advisories. If you are in an area with water that can be contaminated or polluted, let your travelers know. Likewise, if there are native foods that commonly cause allergies or maladies to newcomers, precaution your travelers. This little step will keep your explorers from unnecessary painful surprises.

#8 – Set a restroom protocol. Prior to leaving, remind cruisers of where and when they can and will have opportunities to go to the bathroom. This will prevent emergency stops and anxiety for many!

#9 – Make a checklist. Make it for yourself as speaking points or for your guests, or both. Some people take information in easier by reading it. Having a checklist will ensure you don't forget to say or do something and will provide your guests an added dimension of safety.

#10 – Keep equipment clean and well maintained. Appearances shape attitudes for a cruiser. If something seems to be damaged, it may make your guests feel unsafe. Cruisers on luxury ships are accustomed to the best. Ensure your equipment is in its best condition too.

#11 – Consider uniform outfitting. To ensure everyone stays together, is easily identifiable and even weather ready, consider having a uniform or article of clothing to give to your cruisers. This will help everyone be instantly identifiable. Whether it’s a rental or an item included in the tour fee, it helps to make sure everyone stays together.

Make sure your passengers and your travel tour business are safe.

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15 Ways to Make Your Excursion Safer and More Memorable

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