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Fathom Cruises: Making Waves in Voluntourism

A new wave of company altruism has pushed many large corporations toward giving back to their community or global charities. While it may be rather unknown to the public, a big contributor to many charities and nonprofits over the years is Carnival Corp., the umbrella company for Carnival Cruise Lines and the new social-impact travel cruise line, fathom (yes, with a trendy lowercase f).

A lot of this is thanks to the Arison family, key owners of Carnival Corp., who have been profiting from cruising fun over the years, always returning some of their funds to charities and other notable organizations. Based out of South Florida, founder Ted Arison has been very active in using his profits to do good. To name one, he is the chief benefactor of the New World Symphony youth orchestra in Miami Beach.

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Cruise Lines Starting New Trend in Port Development

When Carnival wanted a new and exciting destination in the Caribbean for their guests, they basically stepped in and created it. Developing a new port might seem like something a country would want to take ownership of, but lately we’ve seen a trend in cruise lines funding their own projects.

Rather than waiting for countries to take on these projects, cruise lines have stepped up to the plate to take the lead in developing these new destinations, as seen in two recent developments from Royal and Carnival Lines.

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3 Ways to Make Your Excursion Memorable

Looking to up the ‘fun’ level for your excursion guests and give them something to really remember? Want to be remembered for a lifetime by helping them celebrate a birthday, or special occasion in style? In this article we’ll outline three ways in which to inject some extra zing into your excursion making it extra memorable.

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First Look: Amber Cove, Carnival's Newest Port Opens Next Month

A couple weeks shy of it’s opening date, Amber Cove, the new port in the Dominican Republic, and $85 million venture is rapidly coming together. This will be the first time since the 80’s that a cruise ship will dock on the Amber Coast of Puerto Plata, named for its abundance of the translucent amber mines off the coast. In fact, rumor has it that there will be an amber art wall installation that will feature an embedded caimen for travelers viewing pleasure as they arrive at port.

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fathom: Carnival's New Cruise That Offers Different Kind of Vacation

When we think of cruising we instantly think pina coladas, the dings of slot machines in over-the-top casinos, and most notably, relaxation. However, Carnival Corps. new line, fathom (with a fashionable lowercase f), is looking to change the way the world views cruising.

With this nontraditional vacation, cruisers forgo the usual dilemmas of which chaise lounge to park in for the day, and instead survey options for how they can help the residents of their destination, the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Cruisers can pick from a handful of impact excursions including teaching residents English, learning to cultivate plants, working on a production line, or helping to purify water.

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What Excursion Operators Need to Know About Carnival’s Socially Conscious Cruise

Earlier this month Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corp. announced a new cruise line that will begin servicing the Dominican Republic next April. Dubbed “Fathom,” Carnival is seeking to attract new customers — those who wouldn’t normally take a cruise  while doing some good too, by offering what it calls “social-impact travel.”

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Factors that Go Into an Excursion Insurance Quote

Every shore excursion or tour is different and developing an excursion insurance quote is based on many factors. The type of excursion, service of alcohol, use of subcontractors, and use of employee training can all affect the premium you see on your final quote.

When operating tours, it is essential to plan ahead for the safety of your team members and your customers, and part of that plan is making sure worker’s compensation, errors and omissions, and general liability are all well covered. Before shopping for a policy, do some research into what you can expect, given the details of your excursion or tour.

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3 Shore Excursions You Have Never Heard of...Until Now

Most cruise passengers have heard of the most common shore excursions such as parasailing or horseback riding...but have you ever heard of swimming with sharks or having lunch with Count Dracula? Some of the more unusual shore excursions are hard to find but they are out there.

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The 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Tour Operators Insurance

For companies looking for new tour operator’s liability insurance, and even for firms who are well-seasoned in the process, finding a great policy can be a confusing experience. Excursion insurance is often mistaken for the type of insurance cruise passengers can purchase to protect them in the event of an illness or injury while they are traveling—that type of coverage is referred to as short term insurance or traveler’s insurance. In this post we will address the five most commonly asked questions about tour operator’s liability insurance.

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Tour Operators Canceling Trips to Nepal

Nepal’s recent seismic activity is considered to be the worst natural disaster to hit the country since 1934. Over 3,500 people are known to have died as a result of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake, and that number is generally expected to increase as relief efforts continue. The Foreign Office advises only essential travel to Nepal, and the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has advised all travelers with plans to visit Nepal to change their arrangements.

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15 Ways to Make Your Excursion Safer and More Memorable

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