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How to Handle Cancellations and Still Come Out Ahead

Nearly every tour operator has had a cancellation gone terribly wrong. You block off time and resources to accommodate a large group only to find out, an hour before—they won’t be joining you. Last-minute cancellations can take a toll on your bottom line and your business morale. On the flip side, travelers can just as quickly recall a time when they were blind-sided by a cancellation policy. How do you safeguard your tour operator business—without losing credibility with your guests?

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Create a Perfect Tour for Their One Day at Port

Part of the appeal of a cruise is being able to visit multiple destinations—while only having to unpack once. Part of the dilemma, is choosing how to spend that precious time ashore. When one day at port means having 6 hours to explore, the pressure is on to make every moment count. As a tour operator, how do you create that single most coveted experience—the no-brainer choice that captures the imagination and checks all the boxes?

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The Two Types of Cruisers

Since mankind began sailing the seven seas, there have been passengers aboard the ships. Typically,
there have always been two types of cruisers. The first enjoys a laid back and leisurely time out at sea,
usually taking in what the ship has to offer at their own pace. The second is the adventurous kind of
cruiser, who is usually more inclined to look for experiences like zip lining or trail riding. Just like there are
two types of cruisers there are also two types of options that a cruiser can choose from when they land at
port. There are shore excursions, which are promoted by the cruise line, and there are independent
excursions, which are run by private companies outside of cruise recommendations. Below, we discuss
some of the specifics that pertain to each kind of cruise excursion.

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Deserving Children Receive Presents and Cheer through FCCA Foundation Holiday Gift Project


Recently the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) carried out it's 19th Annual Holiday Gift Project and gave more than 8,000 children in 40 destinations toys for Christmas.  As part of the travel and cruise industry, Excursion is amazed at how giving and charitable the FCCA has always been supporting the destinations that it's members cruise lines visit throughout the year. 

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Cuba Offers Tour Operators New Opportunities

In late 2014, U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro announced the beginning of normalizing relations between the two countries, lifting travel restrictions in place since 1961. Now, tour operators have a unique opportunity to build new business in this recently opened market. It is essential for growth that all operators plan for excursions on this long-closed destination.

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Cruising 101 – A Resource for Everything Cruise Related

At one of our goals is to provide information about shore excursions and the cruise industry. We want to help excursion operators run their businesses more profitably and give cruise passengers information about excursions that they might be interested in taking.

Recently we came across a great website that has almost everything you would ever want to know about the cruise industry and shore excursions.This section ofUSA Today is a great source of materials ranging from how to save money while cruising, travel tips, information about shore excursions and common myths surrounding cruises. This is a great resource for shore excursion operators to stay up to date on the cruise industry and passengers looking to take a cruise or book a shore excursion.

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How to Make Your Shore Excursion Safer

Injuries and deaths may be rare in shore excursion tours, but they definitely happen, creating negative publicity and placing the company at the center of a media blitz. While there’s no accounting for accidents, there are several ways to make your tour safe and keep your guests as safe as possible.

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How to Choose a Shore Excursion for Your Next Cruise

Shore excursions offered by cruise lines offer a wide range of tours from zip lining and snorkeling tours to nature hikes and excursions but which type of tour is best for you?

Are you single looking for fun in the sun or are you married looking for some quality time on your honeymoon? There is a tour for everyone…cruises can help you choose the best tour that suits your preferences and needs.

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5 Ways To Simplify The Administration Of Your Shore Excursion

Ziplining through a jungle canopy or mountain biking in a rain forest are exciting, once in a lifetime excursions that cruise line passengers go on every day around the world.  These are not just fun and exciting for the guests but also for the tour operators.  However, administrative duties, which are necessary for the operation of any good excursions, aren’t the most exciting part to your job. There are ways in which you can go about simplifying the administration of your shore excursion, and that’s what we are here to share with you today.

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3 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow your Shore Excursion

Integrating social media into your marketing strategy is an absolute must for any shore excursion business. Luckily, developing good social media habits is not a hard task at all, and, if done right, may pay your efforts back in potential customers and more engaged clients. By using these four steps, you can be well on your way to growing your social media outreach.

Establishing Your Audience

When beginning to develop a social media marketing plan, it is important to remember that what works for one company may not work for another. Instead of guessing at which social media sites work for your business based on competitors, do your research by getting to know your customers.

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15 Ways to Make Your Excursion Safer and More Memorable

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