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3 Ways Excursion Operators Can Get More Business from the Cruise Lines

There are many cruise lines out there offering fun and exciting excursions for their passengers. As an excursion operator, you want to have a good reputation with the cruise lines and comply with all of their requirements so that you can increase the amount of business that you do with cruise lines.

Here are 3 helpful tips to getting more business with cruise lines:

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Do I Have to Purchase My Cruise Excursion through the Cruise Line?

Purchasing a cruise excursion through the cruise line is the best way to see the sights at any port of call. The cruise line personnel know the guides and the services offered. They have checked vehicles and other conveyances for safety and security. An adventure cruise excursion such as ziplining or parasailing has also passed inspection.

Booking a cruise excursion in advance has the following advantages:

  1. If the activity requires certifications such as SCUBA diving, you will know in advance that you must qualify.

  2. The activity may require previous experience. This is common with mountain biking and mountain climbing excursions.

  3. The pre-booked activity will explain how much walking is required. This is important for passengers with limited mobility.

  4. The cruise line knows that the tour operators they contract with will deliver what they promise with the cruise excursion or activity.

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5 Shore Excursions to Remember

Cruise lines offer many interesting shore excursions conducted by reputable licensed and insured operators. Passengers are encouraged to check the available tours in each port and decide in advance which tours appeal to them.

There are many options and the ship usually spends only a day or two in each port. Seeing ancient ruins is part of the travel experience. Shopping is also a popular port activity along with activities such as ziplining or golf.

Here are a few of the top shore excursions preferred by cruisers:

  1. Snorkeling anywhere in the Caribbean, especially Grand Cayman, the Virgin Islands or Cozumel.

  2. Helicopter or float plane sightseeing excursions over Alaska's glaciers along with the White Pass and Yukon Railroad in Skagway.

  3. Day tours to the Mayan ruins of Tulum on the Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

  4. Whale and dolphin watching excursions in different ports.

  5. Tours of ancient ruins on Greek Island and other Mediterranean cruise ports.

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What to do when your Excursion is removed from the Tour Operator Gateway

If you are an excursion tour operator and the cruise line is not selling your tours, you should check the Tour Operator Gateway

The cruise lines will inspect your tour and your insurance. If there are any gaps in your coverage or repeated complaints about your tour services, you will be dropped from the Tour Operator Gateway list. 

North American cruisers are eager to spend money on excursions when the ship is in port. The tour operator must live up to their expectations and be able to cover any emergencies.


All cruise lines will only accept tour operators demonstrating insurance coverage in the following areas:

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Top 5 Most Popular Types of Shore Excursions

Every year, more than 20 million people enjoy the pleasures of a cruise. They love the sit-down dining and the in-between meal buffets. They enjoy the evening entertainment and the day time activities from swimming, put-put golf, basketball,  going to the gym, visiting the spa or just lounging on the deck reading a book they checked out from the ship’s library. But there is more. Shore excursions are available to enhance and enrich the cruising experience. If you are planning a cruise, here are five of the most popular types of shore excursions you might be interested in.

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Why Kids Love Cruises - It's the Cruise Excursions!

Cruises have been a favorite vacation option for adults for years. However, the new trend in cruising is to get the whole family involved. With plenty of dining options, activities, and entertainment available on board, there is something for everyone to love. But as every seasoned cruiser knows, a lot of the fun happens off the ship! Cruise excursions are drawing in families like never before.

Cruise lines are noticing this trend in the demand for family friendly cruises and are making changes in everything from itineraries toadvertising to meet the need. The convenience and entertainment of cruises have changed the way families can enjoy vacations. Offering a wide variety of cruise excursions means that everyone will have a great time, both on and off the ship.

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What is a Shore Excursion?

A cruise gives its passengers all the luxury of a top hotel with the added bonus of an ever changing horizon. For many, a cruise is the very pinnacle of holiday experiences, and it's not difficult to see why. Passengers aboard cruises are surrounded by entertainment, high quality restaurants, swimming pools, spas, and relaxation. This experience is completed by the chance to undertake shore excursions. As an owner or operator of shore excursions, you need to understand why passengers choose excursions and how to become the company that every cruise line or resort recommends.

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Why Booking Your Shore Excursion Through a Cruise Line Makes Sense

Passengers making reservations for shore excursions offered by the cruise line know that the ground operators have been inspected for safety and security. The cruise line assures passengers that the tour companies they recommend are the best and most professional ones at each port of call.

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Shore Excursions - The Highlight of the Cruise

Each year, 20.3 million vacationers hop onto cruise ships. There is a reason that cruising is a popular vacation choice for people. Cruise ships are comfortable, well-equipped and they are an easy way to see a multitude of places and different scenery types on a single vacation. We agree that cruises are a great option when planning a vacation, but if you have never looked into cruise excursions you might be missing out. Some of the best experiences on a cruise are not had on the ship itself, but rather during the shore excursions you sign up for and take part in. If you've never considered the cruise excursions when planning your vacation, we have a few reasons you should consider them next time you book a cruise vacation.

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Why Cruises and Shore Excursions are Gaining Popularity

Even though the talking heads on television say that the current economy is recovering, many folks just do not have the extra money to spend on luxury items like vacations. How is it, then, that the cruise and shore excursion travel industries are seeing such a surge in popularity? The answers might surprise you! 

Cruises Are Often All Inclusive

What many people look for when planning out a vacation are perks, and these kinds of getaways have them all. From food to entertainment and everything in between, a cruise has it all. In fact, a recent J.D. Power 2013 Cruise Line Satisfaction Report stated that a large percentage of cruise customers rated the food on their journeys as one of the best parts of their experiences.

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15 Ways to Make Your Excursion Safer and More Memorable

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