What is Excursion Insurance?

Posted by Staff Writer | November 12, 2013


As a tour or excursion operator you will need excursion insurance in order to be recommended and listed as an excursion option for cruise line passengers. No matter what your core activities and unique tour experiences are, excursion insurance is required to protect you and the cruise passengers from the risks associated with the tour activities.

What is Excursion Insurance and Who Needs it? 

Cruise lines will require following excursion insurance requirements when determining which operators that they will vet, endorse and recommend to the cruise passengers:

  1. CONTINGENT GENERAL LIABILITY Also referred to as Third Party or Public Liability, covers bodily injury and property damage to tourists in your care, custody and control while participating in an excursion tour. This coverage excludes auto, aircraft and motorboats. Non-motorized watercraft such as kayaks, canoes, sunfish, etc. are included. This does not replace any business property or liability coverage placed locally.

    This coverage is excess auto liability over and above your local compulsory automobile insurance and includes coverage for owned, hired and non owned vehicles.

    Similar to the Contingent Auto Liability, this covers owned, hired and non-owed watercraft having a motor that carries passengers for hire.

For more information on excursion insurance requirements, or to learn more about specific policy coverage, contact us at Excursion Operators Insurance Group today. We have been proudly serving the needs of tour and excursion operators worldwide for over 13 years.

Excursion Operators Insurance Group has been serving the insurance needs of Excursion and Tour Operators worldwide for over 13 years. Our Excursion Operator’s Liability Program is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading insurance market providing specialty insurance services to businesses in over 200 countries and territories, rated “A” XV (Excellent) by AM Best. Our Excursion and Tour Operators’ division offers expertise, dependability, fast response and friendly service that you have come to expect. We treasure the relationships we have developed over the years and are delighted to be able to serve you once more. As an Excursion or Tour Operator, you now have access to an insurance program designed and developed to provide the coverage necessary to meet the requirements of all Cruise Lines globally. Need Excursion Insurance? Get a Quote Today!

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