tour_operator_gatewayIf you are an excursion tour operator and the cruise line is not selling your tours, you should check the Tour Operator Gateway

The cruise lines will inspect your tour and your insurance. If there are any gaps in your coverage or repeated complaints about your tour services, you will be dropped from the Tour Operator Gateway list. 

North American cruisers are eager to spend money on excursions when the ship is in port. The tour operator must live up to their expectations and be able to cover any emergencies.


All cruise lines will only accept tour operators demonstrating insurance coverage in the following areas:

The policy must include world-wide jurisdiction to protect passengers from any country. The insurance must include coverage in compliance with the local laws of the country where your tour operation is located and with the requirements of the cruise lines.

All cruise lines serving American ports must meet or exceed U.S.. Coast Guard Standards on all of their ships. Shore excursions involving watercraft must also meet the same standards although they may be in foreign countries.  European cruise lines also expect all tour operators to have the same high standards and comprehensive insurance coverage.


All tour operators must accept responsibility for passengers on their excursions. The tour operator is providing a service to cruise line passengers. This can be a tour of ancient ruins, snorkeling, a zipline jungle tour or a shopping excursion.  Specialized boutique tours for small groups are also popular on cruise ships, this can include a culinary tour with wine tasting.

Passengers have high expectations and the tour operator is required to meet those expectations. The shore excursion operator is responsible if there are problems with the tour and must have the proper insurance to cover any issues that may arise.


Excursion offers the liability insurance policies required by all cruise lines for listings on the Tour Operators Gateway. This includes the all-important World-Wide Jurisdiction insurance that covers accidents and medical emergencies for passengers from any part of the world. This is one of the most  difficult , but very important coverages for your tour company.

If you convey passengers in a bus or van, you must have comprehensive liability insurance for the vehicle and its passengers. There is also the issue of an unforeseen accident. Any accidents or injuries must be covered by the tour operators insurance policy.

Excursion is underwritten by Lloyds of London. You will not be dropped from the Tour Operator Gateway if you have complete coverage with this group.

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